Monday, April 13, 2009

that bittesweet feeling

I both love and hate finishing books, especially good/great books. I love it because I got through the book, I know the ending, and the curiosity is over (sorta). I hate it for pretty much the same reasons, I got through it and now it's over. The only problem is, the curiosity, it pretty much just sticks around! I want to know what happens after the book is over, and I want to know NOW! I can just make things up, or read fanfiction, but it's never as good as the books. Well, there is some REALLY good Harry Potter fanfic out there, stuff that I would rather read than the books. But when your book's fan base is mostly crazy teens flowing over from the authors other teen based books, the fanfic tend to be bad. A lot of little girls writing poorly about romanticized versions of things they've never before experienced. AKA, really BAD sex scenes!

Anyway, this post does have a purpose besides the bad fanfic rant I was starting. I finished The Host last night. It was a really fantastically great book! Amazing story, fantastic characters, plot twists, some violence, a bunch of love, some understanding and changing of ways, and a superb ending! Really, I recommend it, even if you tried to read Twilight and gave up, read this. It's not in the Twilight universe, it's characters and stories all it's own. And it will make you want to go to Arizona really bad! At least id did for me, since I've been there before. So really, GO READ!

Them, after you read The Host, go give Twilight another turn. You don't have to let anyone know that you're reading it. You can read it in seret under your covers at night. But give it a chance. They might be a little silly or unbelivable at times, but it's FICTION people! It's not supposed to mesh with this world perfectly. Things are supposed to be a little fantastical, so give Bella and Edward and everyone else another chance. It might just turn out to be a guilty pleasure!

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  1. Having just finished Twilight, I was just thinking I should get The Host next.

    And Twilight? Seriously is a guilty pleasure. Love love love love.

    I keep hearing people scorn it based on the fact that the vampires don't do typical vampire things, like burn in the sun, etc. But, um, really? It's not like there are vampires we can go ask and fact-check with. Just because someone made it up one way before doesn't mean someone else can't make it up a different way now.

    /random rant.