Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Poppy Seed Bread Time!!

Dear interwebs, I give you... POPPY SEED BREAD!!!

So, we have finally come to the anticipated portion of this Easter season. I am going to devote an entire post to the wonder that is my grandma's home made poppy seed bread. This lively first picture is a cut loaf of poppy seed bread. See all that black stuff? Yeah, that's formerly dried and now gooey and slightly sugary slightly bitter poppy seed.

Grandma did a great job this year. The bread was soft, and there was a ton of poppy seed. Just look at it all! There's so much that it can't stay together and just had to fall out as soon as you pic up a slice. That's when you know it's perfect. By the time I took this series of pics, I was on piece three of the day.
That's not counting the four pieces I had last night after my aunts go back from church. Yes, I am a pig.
But is sooo good and we only get it this one time of year!
It is, unfortunately, possible to over do it. Combined with all the other food I stuffed into my face today, I got a nasty case of acid reflux for a bit there.
But it's gone now, and I refuse to learn my lesson! Tomorrow I will be right back at that poppy seed bread.
I just hope no one needs me to take a drug test any time soon. :/

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