Thursday, November 12, 2009

The continuing saga of crazy room mate

I have people coming to dinner tonight. This means I have to use the kitchen a lot today. I have to cook and bake and clean and stuff. All my dishes as of now are clean. I clean them in small groups shortly after I use them so they don't pile up and get annoying to me and everyone else. Sane roomie did hers last night, and now she just has a small bowl and a cup or something like that. Crazy roomie on the other hand, has had dishes piling up for a week. She has all of our sauce pans dirty (which I will need to use), one of them has water and some unknown foodstuff in it. It would be fine if she put the water in a little bit ago in preparation for washing her dishes, but she didn't. No, that water and foodstuff have been siting in that pan for a week. She also has a skillet, another pan, and a bunch of cups, bowls, plates, and flatware. It's a giant freaking pile of dishes.

Now, I see no reason why I should have to wash that pile of dishes. I keep up with mine in a timely fashion, I don't let them pile like that. They are hers, and she has had ample opportunity in the last two days (at least) to do them. Instead of washing her dishes, she takes a loooooong ass bath, or plays computer games, or does who knows what the hell else. She cleans the already clean living room, instead of cleaning the giant stinky pile of dishes containing pots and pans that are for communal use. It's not right or nice of her to dirty them and then leave them for a week so we can't use them unless we wash them ourselves.

So, I get up this morning, and know that I'm going to have to ask her to do her dishes. So I'm in the kitchen putting away the clean dishes from the sink and counter so she doesn't have that excuse to work with. I say "Hey CR, can you do your dishes today?", and she says "Yeah, ok.", in a way that makes it clear she won't be and thinks I'm a crazy bitch for asking such a reasonable question. I tell her I would like them done by 4 since I have to cook and I have people coming over that evening. I wrote all this on out message board Tuesday night BTW. She says she's not going to be able to do that. She says, You could just do them Kira, and I inform her that they're her dishes and she is more than capable of cleaning them herself. She says that's not what she meant and I know it. I don't know what else she would have meant by that. SO I say that they are her dishes and she can clean them, I clean my dishes in a timely fashion since it's gross and rude to leave them so long; and if she can find time to take a long bath or play computer games, she can do he dishes. Through this I am very calm and reasonably rational. She on the other hand is getting mad and stubborn. She tells me to just do the dishes Kira, I do yours. She does not do my dishes. If she is on a cleaning jag and I have a few things sitting there she does them, but it's never a pile like this. And I would rather she didn't do them. So she tells me that I should just stop saying things out loud since she's not listening anyway.

This is what I have to deal with. There is absolutely no talking to this girl! I was perfectly justified in all of my calmly stated arguments, and she refuses to clean her dishes! So I will be cleaning the ones I need, and putting the rest of them in a bag in the basement. I tried reasonable, now I'm gonna go for drastic.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reasons I Like Going to Work

-my job doesn't suck
-they put me in FL more often, and I like it there
-when I'm having a bad day, it's not hard to find a dog to snuggle to make it all much better
-the people don't suck
-there's a cute boy that's really really nice to look at
-especially when he wears his skinny jeans
-Cow & Moo
-All the Lucys'
-I get paid
-I get paid to do something that I actually like
-cute boy
-cute dogs
-I think I'm losing weight

-sometimes I start at 6:30am
-sometimes I start at 6:30am and they put me in NY with the crazies and I have a headache and am tired and cranky and just want to go home
-can't think of a third con

Friday, October 16, 2009

I tried to go without, but I really like living!

You know what, food is expensive!! I spent $100 today on groceries! Well, about $85 was groceries, I also needed body wash and I bought this teal/aqua colored pashmina that was on clearance at Target. It's pretty, it can keep my cream one company! But back on topic: OMG!!! I've never spent that much on groceries! I have cost my mom that much on shopping trips when I was in college and such, but I personally have never bought that much. Oh man, I better not need food again for a long while!

In addition to groceries, I also went to Home Goods and Barnes & Noble today. At Home Goods I picked up two bowls and a matching mug for $1.99 each, and a set of 4 glasses for $4.99. At B&N I got a book, Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher, and a box of Godiva chocolates because they were 50% off and I couldn't resist. This new box of chocolates can join the box I got from the Godiva store the other day. The one from B&N is the Gold Ballotin 19pc, the other is a 27pc Dark Chocolate Assortment. I rarely ever buy yummy yummy chocolates like that, so I decided to treat myself when my mom and I went out for dinner the other night.

I'm really excited to start my book tonight. In fact, I might just have to put on hold the fanfic I just started on and go read this! Yay for books!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am looking for a new place because the roommate of doom is getting to be too much to deal with. I really really hate looking for apartments. What's online on these apartment search sites can not possibly be all there is, but it's the easiest thing to look for, and I hate having not enough money. But I do have more money than I had, so that helps. Where do you people look when you're trying to find an apartment?

I either want a studio for just me, or a 2 bed for me and the roommate that I like and also can;t stand anymore of the roomie of doom. Good roomie doesn't want to spend much more than we're spending now, so it just might be me all on my own, though I think she has it in her head that the only place we're gonna be able to find it gonna be like $2000/month each or something. Wish me luck, and give me advice please! Also, Cindy, wanna live with me?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, I was going to write about how I got a freaking job, but I'll leave that till later. Right now I'm going to write about the crazy that is my head. (and seriously, could I start more posts with "so"?)

If you know me, you know that I'm crazy. Not certifiable, but bad enough. One of those crazy aspects is how...not contrary, but I can't think of the right word right now, I can be. But I like things that are opposite of each other. I like black, but I also like very colorful things, for example. I'm a homebody, but I love to travel. I want to stay in one place for more than a year, but I'm always looking for a job somewhere else.

The thing that got me posting this was looking at this picture on Dooce's website. When I was in Oregon last summer, I couldn't wait to get home to flat land. And the instant I got home, I wanted the mountains back more than anything. I wanted to go back to Arizona and see the red rocks, the high desert, the beautiful mountains of Colorado, the dry heat and wonderful scrub of Santa Fe. God I miss it! And the whole time I was in Oregon, I was yearning for green. I wanted green grass and rain and leafy trees and green grass! Everything was dead and tan/brown. But when we got through California and into Arizona a little way, I started to fall in love. It was beautiful! I loved driving down a mountain pass into a valley and seeing it all stretched out before me. What I wouldn't have given to have been able to pull over and wander off to take rolls and roll of photos. Black and white that I could develop in the darkroom I don't have. I wanted to set up the perfect shot, swim in that pool we found (but was too cold to go in).

I wanted to stay in Sedona and Santa Fe for days, weeks. I want to move there and drink in the dry heat, bake in the sauna of the desert. Explore and live and run away from giant bugs and complain about the heat and work and play. I want to go back so bad! I want to see the rest of the desert, take pictures of rocky outcroppings miles past where Jesus lost his sandals.

But at the same time I want to go here and here and see trees covered in moss, and streams running through forests. I want to go back to England and explore the grassy hillsides, commune with the sheep. I want to go to huge cities in the hustle and bustle, or in calmer neighborhoods of those same busy cities. I want to go to Europe and find tiny bookstores tucked in side alleys in the Italian countryside. And in any of these places, I could probably live least for a while. At lease until my feet start calling again, wanting to wader away into that good night.

But God do I miss the high desert and the mountains. I want to spend time in Colorado some day. I want to move to Phoenix with my friend, see what a sprawling city is like, instead of one that goes straight up. But the contrary part of me is, I look at pictures of the red rock mountains of Utah and Arizona and I gasp and the beauty and the longing, but I have the same result when I look at pictures of all the green in the English countryside. I don't know id I'll ever be completely content to settle in one place, if my wanderlust will ever be sated. I guess only time will tell. If would probably help if I actually wandered a little too!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i will never be without bookmarks again!

I love this whole Delicious thing! I am a bookmarking, tagging fiend over here man! It's so nice, I will never be without my bookmarks again! That's gonna be one of the worst things abut changing computers or ever just internet operating services. When I switched computers, I obviously lost all my bookmarks/favorites, and now I will always have these. It's so nice! I've been bookmarking up a storm, a STORM I tells you!

Tonight mom dad and I went to see Zed Leppelin, the Led Zeppelin Tribute Band at the Lake Harriet Band shell. Then we rode the trolley. It was a very enjoyable evening. Good music, beautiful evening, brought food along, it was great!

I still don't have a second job. I had my working interview at the doggy daycare, and expressed my interest in the job, but nothing back yet. That was Tuesday. If I don't hear anything by the time I leave for work tomorrow, I'm gonna give them a call. The girl told me to think about it and email her, which I did. And then I sent a follow up email to make sure that my first one actually got there, but that one didn't get a response either, so looks like I'm gonna have to call. I hate calling people.

I wrote up a rental agreement last night because this whole situation is getting annoying, and no one else was going to get around to doing it, so I had to take the reins on that one. Big surprise there. Oh wait, no it's not. Mandy took it to her mom to see if that would work out, but she's not back yet. Hopefully it does, in which case we will all be paying $125/month in rent, which is a massively good deal. Not as good as free, but pretty much as close as you can get, considering we're living in a house, not a puny little apartment.

I think that's pretty much all that's new in my life. Well, and my birthday is in 9 days, on September 2nd. I will be 24. One more year before I can rent a car without incurring age penalties and fees. I'm gonna go read some HP fic I found again while I was updating my Delicious. Laters!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I love the printing press

Without it, the public at large would probably still be mostly illiterate and I wouldn't have had the immense pleasure of reading fanfic for 6 hours straight tonight. And as soon as I am done posting this small love note to the written word, I will be going back to the reading. I love language! And literacy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quite the quandary

Must sleep, would much rather read fanfic, will regret fanfic decision in the morning, much more concerned with instant gratification. This is quite the quandary; which will win, sleep or reading.


I'll give you a hint, sleeping never wins

Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's raining. That was fine last night when I was all snug in my house enjoying the long missed sounds of a thunderstorm, but today I want it to be dry! Today I have plans to go to art fairs, and they are no fun in the rain! If I knew it was going to keep raining, I would have stayed asleep; I'm so tired. And oddly enough, I don't really feel like reading. So I think I'm gonna go and start cutting out my mom's purse while watching Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. The only problem with this plan is that my hands hurt. I think I've been using them too much. And after typing out a few blog posts last night, I think typing might be a contributing factor to my hand pain as well as sewing/knitting/work. This whole pain thing is really not fun and I would like it to stop now kthnxbai.


I knew I shouldn't have had that mocha at 8:30pm. That was an all around bad idea. I have no desire, and every need, to go to bed right now. Hell, for what time I need to wake up, I should have been asleep hours ago. Mom and I are going to a few art fairs tomorrow, and we want to get an early start because it's supposed to be beastly hot. Hopefully the weather is wrong and it doesn't get to 91, but I won't hold my breath for that one. Ok, I'm off to try to sleep. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maybe I should post some actual content

I've been posting a lot of nonsense and drivel lately. Not that it terrible matters because no one really reads this except me. But if I'm gonna have to look at it, I might as well put something here about my life. I applied to a few more jobs a week or so back. On of them was at a doggy daycare called Downtown Dogs. I emailed, then got a response saying "Hey lazybones, come in a fill out a app, dork." So I did, then got called back and set up an interview. First interview time ended up clashing with work, so I called back to reschedule. Person who I needed was in a meeting, and didn't call me back that day. Just as I was going to call yet again the next day, she called back, and we rescheduled for Monday the 10th. The she called me back again saying that Oops, I have something that day and time. So NOW I have an interview there on Tuesday at 3pm. Hopefully it doesn't go more than an hour because I have to work at 5, which means I like to be out of the house and on the road by 4. But I will be a little closer to work coming from the interview rather than my house.

Hopefully I get this job. It's working with animals, and is pretty much a job I've done in the past. Well, more of a conglomeration of various jobs I've done. If they don't hire me, they're crazy. I am totally qualified! Hell, I'm probably over qualified, but hopefully they'll hire me anyway. The I can push back my JoAnn's jobs to fewer hours and not have to drive all the way out to Maple Grove quite so often.

In other news, my roomie Mandy's cousin had a baby girl, and Mandy's mom bought two onesies and a hat off of me. Yay! She got these three:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Songs I love

Bolero (from the closing credits of Moulin Rouge)- Moulin Rouge 2 soundtrack
Riverwide, The Difficult Kind- Sheryl Crow
My Body Is A Cage- Arcade Fire
Bella's Lullaby- Twilight Soundtrack
While My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles
Viva La Vida, Lost!- Coldplay
Hands of Time- Groove Armada
Warm Tape, Road Trippin', We Believe- Red Hot Chili Peppers
When Water Comes To Life- Cloud Cult
I've Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
Here With Me- Dido
Let Go- Frou Frou
Mexico- Incubus
Lucky- Bif Naked
Wild Horses- The Sundays
Hermes Bird- Remy Zero
For What It's Worth- Buffalo Springfield
Existentialism on Prom Night- Straylight Run
White Houses- Vanessa Carlton

I was going to wax poetic about Bolero, because it is totally worthy of poetic waxing, but then I could probably was poetic about most of these songs. Some I like even more than others, but these are some of the songs that, when they come up on my MP3 or WMP playlist, I don't ever skip. I might occasionally skip one or two of them, but that's very rare. Most of these, I could just play, lay back on my bed, and breathe to. I love music, I don't know what I would do if I went deaf or music was suddenly outlawed, but I don't want to find out!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My brain, it's all eated up

Fanfic has eaten my brain...again. I really need to stop bringing my comp over to my bed at night, it's making for more reading and less sleeping, and I really should be sleeping. Just got done reading ad AU Doom/ST Reboot crossover, and it was absolutely fanfuckingtastic! If you haven't seen either movie, then you would love or appreciate it as much as I do, but really, great writing, fantastic story, awesome ending. It was so much love. And if you haven't seen either Doom or Star Trek XI, well, what the HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Go! NOW! :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh dear God

Knitting is usually a nice relaxing hobby for me. I spend a movie or two calmly knitting together some sock or lace shawl or other, and come away from the whole experience feeling some sense of accomplishment and relaxation. Well kiddies, NOT TODAY!

Let me just tell you, knitting for 13 hours on a deadline is possibly one of the least relaxing things you can do while not risking the potential of grievous bodily harm at the hands of fate or some horrible person who wants to torture you. And we all know, fate is a cruel bitch. I am tired and I am sore, and at this very moment, I want very much to never pick up a knitting needle ever again. ...Well, no, that's not true, well at least the part about not wanting to see a knitting needle. But I am sore. My hands hurt, my arms hurt, my back and knees and head and neck all hurt. And I'm not done yet! I have to do this all again tomorrow...errr, later today. Why did I knit for so long today if it wasn't fun, you may ask? I did it so my room mate's mom can bring the comfort shawl I'm knitting to her friend in the hospital. And hopefully she'll only be there for a few more days, so I want to get it done by tomorrow night so Meg can give it to her friend. And so I can get monies. No no no, I'm not doing this for free. I'm also not doing it at cost. I am broke and there are many things I would have rather spent my day doing, than knitting almost two skeins of Homespun. I have about 24 more rows left in the second skein, but I just couldn't do it any more. My hands are really starting to revolt. Though if I find enough to read on the comp tonight, maybe I'll go get my work from the living room and see if I can finish that last skein up.

But hey, I watched some movies, and some of Wonderfalls, that was fun at least. Got to see Karl Urban wearing pretty much nothing and swinging swords around. (bonus points if you can name that movie) So now, I am going to read some lovely Star Trek fic, and then go to bed. Then I'm going to get up, shower, knit if I have time, go to parents house, go to musical, come home, and finish knitting. It should actually be done by tomorrow night...hopefully. If it's not done by midnight, I'm going to bed because I have to work at 10am on Monday, which means I have to get up by 8am. Oi.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The most fun I've had in a long while

The Murder Mystery Party was, as is stated in my title for this post, the MOST FUN I'VE HAD IN LIKE FOREVER!!!! At the very least, probably the most fun I've had since graduating college. It was just a blast! I got to hang out with my friends who I haven't seen in far too long (though, when you're 23, three weeks is far too long!), ate great food, drank some wine, played a game, and took lots of pictures.

We each had our characters, and we had a booklet that went along with each character. Inside there was info that we had to tell about other people, and info about ourselves that we didn't want coming out. There were four rounds, and then we took a guess on who did it, then in the back of each booklet there was a bit to the end of the story about who did it and who didn't and why and whatnot. It was fabulous! I can't even get over how much fun I had. We are planing to have another one, which will probably be a potluck so Kelly (and Toria and Nika, but mostly Kelly) doesn't have to pay for everything and do so much work. There are themes for other ones and it's all fantastically great fun. I can't wait till Kelly gets the pics up, they are fantastic.

Kelly and Nika made everyone place signs with their character's name on them and objects that pertain to their character. My character was Evelyn C Leigh, called EC. She was a cheerleader in high school. On my poster is says EC, and there is a mega phone, and balloons, and a chain cutout of girls in skirts and a speak balloon saying Go Team! I put it on my bedroom door, because I'm totally still 12, I swear.

After we were done, we went out in the back yard to get pics of everyone with their sign, and I did them like mug shots, it's pretty cool. The we took a few group shots of various kinds, girls pics, guys pics, and random other stuff. The we sat around and hung out and stuff until like 9pm. I had such a great time! I miss these people so much! I realize how much of a hermit I am when I get around my friends and need to be around them for a long period of time.

Still squeeing!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I got a nibble

So I applied to some more zoos. One of the places I applied was the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kansas. I sent in the app probably about a week and a half ago. They called me yesterday to set up an interview, but I was at work and didn't get the message till everyone there was gone for the day, so I called back today and have a phone interview set up for tomorrow at 1pm. I hope it goes well, I could really use this job. They pay well, and they have benefits, both of which I need. I would have to move to Kansas, of all places, but at least it wouldn't be Texas. I applied for a job is Texas and Tennessee both. Kansas is probably the best choice of the three. Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There are itty bitty tiny spiders all over my room and I don't know why or where they came from. They're mostly congregating in the corner by my lamp, but there were some on my desk and by my window and I'm really creeped out. Icky!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Etsy FTW!!!

I just made my first sale ever on Etsy! OMG YAY!!! So much WIN!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Awesome new stuff!

I added some cool new things for sale over at my crafts blog. Go check them out!

Cool baby hats and pincushions!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm minorly suprised I've never been injured

I like animals. I always have, and I've worked with a lot of them. Frankly, I'm a little surprised I haven't lost a finger, hand, limb, my life yet. Well, not really that surprised, I'm very careful.

But I've been really close to a lot of animals that people usually don't get that close to. The above picture, for instance, is me about 8 or so feet from a male black bear. I've been much much closer.

But as of yet, I've never been bit or intentionally scratched or clawed at by anything I have pet or been very close to. Though, in this pic, the capybara is attempting to chew on my shirt. It's a giant rodent and I had been cutting up food for the last 2 hours, what do you expect.
I have gotten unintentional scratches, but if you hold something that doesn't get a regular mani/pedi, you're gonna get a scratch.
Does it look like I'm really close to the giraffe in this pic? That's because I really really am. But I'm not an idiot. I loved my job.
I really loved my job. This guy is twice my height. He's awesome.

This was my favorite animal in all the zoo last summer, followed very closely by the giraffe from a few pics up. He's such a neat boy.
And yes, I really am standing that close to a rhino. It was pretty much awesome. When you're shoveling poop most of the day, it's nice to get the occasional awesome perks.

Yep, that is my hand, feeding a grape to a lemur.Nope, there's no glass or fence here.
Here either. Awesome huh? I miss animals. I miss working in the zoo. I miss brown bear lips reaching for dried berries, scratching tiger butts through fences, getting licked by a cheetah, petting a leopard and treating it meat. I miss tigers playing in the water of a hose, watching the bears scowl at us for giving them coconuts (which are harder to get into than you may think). Hell, I miss having a pet. I want a zoo job, I want my PhD, I want a lot of things. Mostly, I want to be back with my animals, or new ones. Oh kids, you guys were so great. Thanks for not killing me. And to me, thanks for not being an idiot.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Dad and I went fishing today! It was really fun. We were gonna leave early this morning, but it started raining late last night and when I wok up at 6:30am was still going. We gave it till 8am, and then decided to just go later in the day/evening. We left for the lake (we ended up on Eagle Lake I think) around 2-ish, got fishing liscences, and went a fishing! We don't have a boat, we have a canoe, and it took me all of 30 seconds to remember that canoes scare me. Especially when it's windy and the water is more choppy, like it was today. But we didn't tip over. Mainly stuck to the shoreline around lily pads and reeds that broke the waves nicely. I caught like 7 or 8 fish total. A sunny or two, two bass, a blue gill, and a few of something else I can't remember right now.

I got over my irrational fear of the canoe, and had a great time. Dad caught a lot more fish than I did, but it's all good. He's got that whole jig lure thing down a lot better than I do.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Star Trek Reboot (XI) has eaten my brain. That is all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok that took long for a whole lot of nothing

I finally figured out how to get my display language back to English. It was stupidly easy, and thats all I'm gonna say about it.

Anyway, I've been gone from here for a while! Still broke.

Dad gave me a new hard drive for the laptop I'm using and I have successfully loaded Windows XP onto it. YAY! I'm not running Linux anymore! And now I should be able to connect my old HD to this comp and get my stuff off of it/use it on there. I'm so excited! Now I have to go find a pretty picture for my desktop, because this whole default rolling hills thing isn't really working for me.

And by pretty, I men pretty boys. Hallelujah!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I don't know what I did, but now my top navigation bar and all buttons and text relating to using blogger are in a different language! I can post in English, and all the stuff I have posted (all user content) is in English, but everything else is in like Arabic or something. How do I fix this!!???!!??!?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look...more paint

I'm painting my parents' fence surrounding the yard.  I am doing this for money, so I am all for it.  the only problem is that it's a lot of fence. This is not a small yard, and the fence is at least as tall as me in all places, taller in most.  About half of it has large bush roses growing in front of it, and I would rather not a) scratch myself to hell, or b) ruin the bushes. Mom said something about putting a large board down and/or having someone hold them back while I paint.  Well, I'm going to go paint for a few hours tomorrow, and I will be starting on the parts not covered by thorns. There is a significant portion of the fence (i.e. the other half), that I should be able to get done. I'm gonna break out the rollers tomorrow, so hopefully the rest will go faster than the first little bit I did with a brush.  Yeah...that was fun.  oh wait, no it wasn't.  but it will all be worth it.  Wish me luck!

Monday, May 11, 2009


We finally have the interwebs! Hello from my new house!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


He snuck out the back, he won't come in.  I have to go to church!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just maybe...

I'll get one of these to replace it.  I really want one!!!
And I would totally get it engraved.  It would say:

Finally!  Kira's ipod!
Thanks Mom!

Or maybe it would say something different.  Maybe it will be a long time before I get one, or maybe I will never get around to getting one.  But one thing is for sure, I need NEED NEED!! an MP3 player.

*le sigh*

Lost: One MP3 player

I can't find my MP3 player!  It's as if I am missing a limb, I swear!  I listen to that thing constantly, and I've been missing it since I moved on Monday.  I am so sad!  Granted, it was only like $85, but still!  I love that darn little thing.  It was so cute and small, but held just enough songs for me, and pictures too!  It fit in my pocket perfectly.  I miss it so much.  I don't think i can cook/back without it, and my driving has  been so much less interesting to listen to.  Ugh, radio only.  I really hope I find it soon!  Woe!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventures in dog sitting

I'm dog sitting for the next few days. He likes to steal things, and let you know about it.  I walked in and put my shoes for work down, and he immediately picked on up and walked out on to the sunporch with it. He doesn't keep the stuff, or fight giving it back, he just grabs stuff and walks away with it. A minute ago he walked into the room with a blue teddy bear. Pretty sure it's not his.  Silly dog.

Something for nothing

I want to win something. I enter contests at different places (especially Pioneer Woman) all the time, and gosh darnit, I want to win one of them!!

Random work stuff

JoAnn's is sending me to Fargo next week. I'll be there Monday through Friday.

I should never answer my phone when I think it's work calling. At least I'll be getting paid more than I thought I would this week.


It's a process

I'm pretty much moved in. I have all my big stuff, like bed, dresser, desk etc in the room and set up how I want them. I even bought a lamp yesterday, since my lamp finally died while trying to move it. It was one of those octopus lamps with the 5 heads and different colored plastic shades, and I've had it for like 5 years, it finally went kaput. After that many years of light bulbs that were apparently too strong for the lamp, the sades were brittle and crumbling apart, so I trashed it and got a new lamp. I just have little things to move it now. Artsy stuff that's laying all around my pathetic looking room at my parents house. I'm gonna move that stuff today, then dog sit till Sunday. And after work, mom is taking my grocery shopping! Gotta make the most of it since this is probably the last time she will.

Now I need to check out other internet related stuff, since we still don't have the internet at my new house (I'm at the parents house right now), and then I need to gather up the rest of the stuff I want, shove it in the car, and check on the dog. Laters!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I painted yesterday, finished up today after church. My new room is painted, some of my stuff is already there, and the rest of it is going tomorrow. Now I am tired and going to sleep I will take pics and blog all about it when we get internet there. Laters

Kira out

Thursday, April 30, 2009

the color of our lives

Color of the wall in my current room

I have paint chips picked out. I can't decide if one of the colors is going to be too dark, so I think I'm gonna see if I can get a few of those little samples tomorrow after work. Then I'm gonna go to the house, slap some (neatly) on the walls, and see what I like. I know the color I'm going to have on three of the walls, it's the accent wall I don't know about. I have the accent wall narrowed down to two colors of purple. I would go with a red wall again, but I have a red wall in my bedroom now, and though I love it completely to death, I think, new house, new color.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I realized today

I could have a cat!

Or rats! And my rats can have ittle teddys!

I can make my own curtains!

I can make silk flower arrangements!

And since I work at a craft store, I would get discounts of half of this list!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fresh paint

The change is near, I can see the light and I don't think it's a train! There is an open window, and it's not to throw myself out of but to let the fresh wonderful air of change in. Now I just need to get that job and I'm home free for a while. Hope along with me people! Because either way, I'm gone! (And I really need the money)

And after that:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess what I ate last night

I had a piece of Sushi last night. A friend and I went out to Azia in Minneapolis. It was really nice. Great atmosphere, cool building, and really good food. I wasn't that hungry, so I got the cranberry puffs of the starters menu and a glass of red Zinfandel. He got the sushi, and I tried a piece of his. It was a crunchy roll, and I'm not sure what was in it, but I don't think it had any fish. The thing I could taste the most was the sea weed. It was weird, and next time I eat sushi (because now I need to try one with fish), I'll be prepared for it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's nice to get out of the house part 2

I went dancing last night! It was much of the fun. Mandy and I went out at like midnight, went to one club, danced for a while, then went to another one and continued. And damn does that girl need some cock blocking! Holy God! First off, this girl is taller than me anyway (not hard when you're 5'2"), and then she was in like 4" heels! So she tall, this, has a large ass, and blond. Of course she's going to get creeped on. Me? Not so much. I am the champion cock blocker. I think she had to move me away from someone once or twice, but who's going to creep on me when I'm standing next to the Amazon. Bitch. Love her to death, but I always forget that going out with her is bad for my self esteem until I get to her house and see her. Anyway, it was fun times, got to dance to some good music, and I'm gonna have to hit up both clubs again some time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quilting, and other domesticities

I'm starting a new quilt! I've made 4 already, two that required piecing according to a pattern, and two that were made out of 4" flannel squares sewn together in a pattern. I am now making a log cabin quilt. I have one more round to put on all the squares (the last light and the last dark), and then I will be done making the squares. The I need to square them up, and sew them together. The comes bored #1 and border #2, then backing and batting, binding, and finally quilting. Each of the squares should end up about 14" square, and it's going to be 4 blocks by 6 blocks. This is going to be a pretty big quilt. We'll see how my machine manages that. I don't have a long arm or anything, so I don;t know if all the fabric will roll up to fit under my quilt arm.

I am terribly domestic. I sew, quilt, knit, bake, cook, clean. I will make someone a great little housewife someday. Ugh, gag me with a spoon! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but at this stage of my life, that is like the last thing I want. What I want, is a great job (or hell, a job that pays!) and to get out of my parents house. We're all going a little crazy. Well, when I get the latest quilt done, I'll post pictures. I should take pics of my last quilt too. It turned out pretty cool.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kira wants big boom

I recently found some pics from this summer. These are from the 4th of July while I was in Oregon. It was a good display.