Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's nice to get out of the house part 2

I went dancing last night! It was much of the fun. Mandy and I went out at like midnight, went to one club, danced for a while, then went to another one and continued. And damn does that girl need some cock blocking! Holy God! First off, this girl is taller than me anyway (not hard when you're 5'2"), and then she was in like 4" heels! So she tall, this, has a large ass, and blond. Of course she's going to get creeped on. Me? Not so much. I am the champion cock blocker. I think she had to move me away from someone once or twice, but who's going to creep on me when I'm standing next to the Amazon. Bitch. Love her to death, but I always forget that going out with her is bad for my self esteem until I get to her house and see her. Anyway, it was fun times, got to dance to some good music, and I'm gonna have to hit up both clubs again some time.

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