Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm so boring

Today, I did nothing interesting. I got up absurdly early (8am), showered, dressed, ate, and went to work. On my way to work, I stopped by a gas station for a coffee, since I was so tired I almost fell down. I burnt my tongue. Work was uneventful. I stocked stuff, was at the registers for a big, and went to lunch with a coworker. Lunch was good at least. Had Leann Chin and nice conversation.

The I came home. I checked the internets, changed, and went to the Campership Dinner at my church. It's a dinner you buy tickets to, and the kids do most of the work serving and setting up and whatnot. It's to raise money for kids to go to camp if they so choose. I had Chicken Kiev and ate till I was stuffed. Now I am sitting in front of my computer, eating dark cocoa candy melts, and checking up in the Internets again. I really need to stop eating these things, it's starting to make me sick. Gotta go drink some water.

After I press Publish Post, I am going to go over to my grandmas in my pj's and see her and my aunts off to church. I would go, but I will just fall asleep. The I will finish Emily's apron, and wait for them to get back to chuch so I can go over and have a little snack. I will be glorious, providing I don't fall and kill my knee like I did last year.

In the middle there, I might talk to some people and try to fine some good The Host fanfic to placate me until I can get my book back. It's currently living with someone else. I miss my book. *sad face*

Well, I'm off now. Laters!

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