Sunday, July 8, 2012

Q and R are for:

Yes, yes, I am a huge slacker.  Well, not so much a slacker as incredibly busy and habitually exhausted! Anyway! Here are my next two. Mom is up to R, so I better catch the hell up! It's my blog mom, I can say hell if I want.

Q is for quilts! When I worked at JoAnn fabrics, I already had one potentially expensive crafting habit (knitting, which was the topic for K). Knitting doesn't have to be expensive, but it is when you do it like I do. I am now a yarn snob, no $2 skeins of Red Heart acrylic shit for me! But back to the letter at hand, quilting! Employees get free class admission, so I took the quilting class. I loved it! As with knitting, quilting allows me to be creative within the structured confines of a pattern. It speaks to both my left and right brain! I can pick out cool fabrics that look great together, while enjoying the technical aspects of getting everything perfect! Here is a pic of a quilt I happened to have handy. I have more, and better, but I still like this one. The mushrooms are trippy!

See the straight stitching lines? Those are a bitch and a half to get right! So for some present giving occasion or another, Mom decided to enable my habit and bought me a free form embroidery foot for my machine, and now I quilt in squiggles!

R is for rats. I'm just gonna let the adorableness of the following pictures speak for themselves.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

O and P are for:

So I've been crazy busy lately. I have pics for most of my missed letters, but I haven't posted them yet. Well, I am going to remedy that starting today! On this post, I have my O and P contributions.

O is for opossum. To be exact, this is a short tailed opossum. We have two right now, a boy and a girl. This is the girl in a little piece of PVC tubing.
These little kids are my favorite new addition to our department. They have the coolest prehensile tails. The male likes to take the shredded paper we put in there and push pieces of it down into his tail and carry it all around curled up into his tail till he gets to his hut to make a nest. Cutest freaking thing ever!

P is for pigs! Warty pigs, but still pigs!
Don't really have a story for them, they're just cute!

And as always, check out what mom posted in a much more timely fashion than I did!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

N is for:

Nails! I treated myself to two new colors of nail polish, a green and a blue, so I had to use both of them on my nails! I didn't want to favor either on my hands, so I used a pink for the thumbs. Sometimes I like to get in touch with my roots (read:childhood).

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

M is for:

Mormons in the Utah Pride Parade. This isn't a photo, but I wanted to share it. I think this is a sign of a step in the right direction for our country's acceptance of LGBTQ people. Never underestimate what a small, dedicated group an accomplish.  Follow this here link to read the story.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

L is for:

Lazy! Look at this dog, just sitting in his bed in the shopping cart, doing nothing, He is so very lazy! This is our PetCo store "mascot", Shark. He's the dog trainer's dog.

I am also exhibiting lazyness by not writing more.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

K is For:

First off: look at me, posting on time and shit! WOOHOO! Secondly: knitting. That's what K is for today. I recently finished knitting a lovely shawl, and now I just have to block it out. That is one of my least favorite parts, so it will likely take a while before blocking gets done. In the mean time, I stretched it out as much as I could on my bed and took pics! (pics or it didn't happen!)

Dunno if mom has her K up yet.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

J is for:

June. Look mom! I'm posting this on the day I'm supposed to! In two days it will be June, and a few days after that will mark my 2 year anniversary of being in Arizona. :( So I have a reptile calendar that I got from PetCo after the new year on clearance for like $3 and I like it. Here is June's pic.

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