Friday, April 3, 2009

All about me, part 2

Then I went to high school. I had a few different looks. For a while, I had long hair and wore a alot of khakis. Then one summer I rediscovered jeans. It was glorious! We didn't always get along, and it was sometimes impossible to find jeans that fit right, but all women have this problem. I still had long hair when I found jeans. The next summer, two things happened. I found Hot Topic, and I saw RENT. Hot Topic inspired my clothes, and RENT inspired my hair. I cut it to my shoulders, and came back to school wearing all black.
My high school was also small, about 900-1000 people grades 7-12. When you live in Minneapolis, that's a small school! Because of the size, and fact that everyone had been going to school together practically since kindergarten, you pretty much knew everyone, at least by sight. I didn't hang with the "popular" crowd, but I was popular in my own way. People knew who I was and occasionally took notice. This was obvious when I came back to school dressed in black, like in the above photo. I never wore dark makup, and had naturally really blond hair, so I never really looked goth, but it was a drastic change from the previous year.

Well, I graduated 3rd in my class, and went on to college.

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  1. Hi Kira, 3rd in your class is really great!! I was second but there were only 72 in my class--small town MN. I'm a science person too--Lab tech at a large local hospital. Anyway, wanted to say, "You've been surfed"--drop by my blog to see what that means. ~VERNA