Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look...more paint

I'm painting my parents' fence surrounding the yard.  I am doing this for money, so I am all for it.  the only problem is that it's a lot of fence. This is not a small yard, and the fence is at least as tall as me in all places, taller in most.  About half of it has large bush roses growing in front of it, and I would rather not a) scratch myself to hell, or b) ruin the bushes. Mom said something about putting a large board down and/or having someone hold them back while I paint.  Well, I'm going to go paint for a few hours tomorrow, and I will be starting on the parts not covered by thorns. There is a significant portion of the fence (i.e. the other half), that I should be able to get done. I'm gonna break out the rollers tomorrow, so hopefully the rest will go faster than the first little bit I did with a brush.  Yeah...that was fun.  oh wait, no it wasn't.  but it will all be worth it.  Wish me luck!

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