Thursday, November 12, 2009

The continuing saga of crazy room mate

I have people coming to dinner tonight. This means I have to use the kitchen a lot today. I have to cook and bake and clean and stuff. All my dishes as of now are clean. I clean them in small groups shortly after I use them so they don't pile up and get annoying to me and everyone else. Sane roomie did hers last night, and now she just has a small bowl and a cup or something like that. Crazy roomie on the other hand, has had dishes piling up for a week. She has all of our sauce pans dirty (which I will need to use), one of them has water and some unknown foodstuff in it. It would be fine if she put the water in a little bit ago in preparation for washing her dishes, but she didn't. No, that water and foodstuff have been siting in that pan for a week. She also has a skillet, another pan, and a bunch of cups, bowls, plates, and flatware. It's a giant freaking pile of dishes.

Now, I see no reason why I should have to wash that pile of dishes. I keep up with mine in a timely fashion, I don't let them pile like that. They are hers, and she has had ample opportunity in the last two days (at least) to do them. Instead of washing her dishes, she takes a loooooong ass bath, or plays computer games, or does who knows what the hell else. She cleans the already clean living room, instead of cleaning the giant stinky pile of dishes containing pots and pans that are for communal use. It's not right or nice of her to dirty them and then leave them for a week so we can't use them unless we wash them ourselves.

So, I get up this morning, and know that I'm going to have to ask her to do her dishes. So I'm in the kitchen putting away the clean dishes from the sink and counter so she doesn't have that excuse to work with. I say "Hey CR, can you do your dishes today?", and she says "Yeah, ok.", in a way that makes it clear she won't be and thinks I'm a crazy bitch for asking such a reasonable question. I tell her I would like them done by 4 since I have to cook and I have people coming over that evening. I wrote all this on out message board Tuesday night BTW. She says she's not going to be able to do that. She says, You could just do them Kira, and I inform her that they're her dishes and she is more than capable of cleaning them herself. She says that's not what she meant and I know it. I don't know what else she would have meant by that. SO I say that they are her dishes and she can clean them, I clean my dishes in a timely fashion since it's gross and rude to leave them so long; and if she can find time to take a long bath or play computer games, she can do he dishes. Through this I am very calm and reasonably rational. She on the other hand is getting mad and stubborn. She tells me to just do the dishes Kira, I do yours. She does not do my dishes. If she is on a cleaning jag and I have a few things sitting there she does them, but it's never a pile like this. And I would rather she didn't do them. So she tells me that I should just stop saying things out loud since she's not listening anyway.

This is what I have to deal with. There is absolutely no talking to this girl! I was perfectly justified in all of my calmly stated arguments, and she refuses to clean her dishes! So I will be cleaning the ones I need, and putting the rest of them in a bag in the basement. I tried reasonable, now I'm gonna go for drastic.

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