Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh dear God

Knitting is usually a nice relaxing hobby for me. I spend a movie or two calmly knitting together some sock or lace shawl or other, and come away from the whole experience feeling some sense of accomplishment and relaxation. Well kiddies, NOT TODAY!

Let me just tell you, knitting for 13 hours on a deadline is possibly one of the least relaxing things you can do while not risking the potential of grievous bodily harm at the hands of fate or some horrible person who wants to torture you. And we all know, fate is a cruel bitch. I am tired and I am sore, and at this very moment, I want very much to never pick up a knitting needle ever again. ...Well, no, that's not true, well at least the part about not wanting to see a knitting needle. But I am sore. My hands hurt, my arms hurt, my back and knees and head and neck all hurt. And I'm not done yet! I have to do this all again tomorrow...errr, later today. Why did I knit for so long today if it wasn't fun, you may ask? I did it so my room mate's mom can bring the comfort shawl I'm knitting to her friend in the hospital. And hopefully she'll only be there for a few more days, so I want to get it done by tomorrow night so Meg can give it to her friend. And so I can get monies. No no no, I'm not doing this for free. I'm also not doing it at cost. I am broke and there are many things I would have rather spent my day doing, than knitting almost two skeins of Homespun. I have about 24 more rows left in the second skein, but I just couldn't do it any more. My hands are really starting to revolt. Though if I find enough to read on the comp tonight, maybe I'll go get my work from the living room and see if I can finish that last skein up.

But hey, I watched some movies, and some of Wonderfalls, that was fun at least. Got to see Karl Urban wearing pretty much nothing and swinging swords around. (bonus points if you can name that movie) So now, I am going to read some lovely Star Trek fic, and then go to bed. Then I'm going to get up, shower, knit if I have time, go to parents house, go to musical, come home, and finish knitting. It should actually be done by tomorrow night...hopefully. If it's not done by midnight, I'm going to bed because I have to work at 10am on Monday, which means I have to get up by 8am. Oi.

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  1. ha,ha,ha,I love reading what you write! You're funny, honey.
    Good luck, I know you can do it.