Friday, October 16, 2009

I tried to go without, but I really like living!

You know what, food is expensive!! I spent $100 today on groceries! Well, about $85 was groceries, I also needed body wash and I bought this teal/aqua colored pashmina that was on clearance at Target. It's pretty, it can keep my cream one company! But back on topic: OMG!!! I've never spent that much on groceries! I have cost my mom that much on shopping trips when I was in college and such, but I personally have never bought that much. Oh man, I better not need food again for a long while!

In addition to groceries, I also went to Home Goods and Barnes & Noble today. At Home Goods I picked up two bowls and a matching mug for $1.99 each, and a set of 4 glasses for $4.99. At B&N I got a book, Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher, and a box of Godiva chocolates because they were 50% off and I couldn't resist. This new box of chocolates can join the box I got from the Godiva store the other day. The one from B&N is the Gold Ballotin 19pc, the other is a 27pc Dark Chocolate Assortment. I rarely ever buy yummy yummy chocolates like that, so I decided to treat myself when my mom and I went out for dinner the other night.

I'm really excited to start my book tonight. In fact, I might just have to put on hold the fanfic I just started on and go read this! Yay for books!!

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