Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello there No One!

I should update this thing more often, but i don't think anyone but my mom reads it anyway, and I talk to her all the time! I've had some life improvements since I last posted. Since it's Christmas break, I've been Annoying Roommate Free since like, the weekend before Christmas. It's been really really nice and I'm not looking forward to her coming back.

On November 30th, I became a first time parent! I got a 9 month old cat, previously named Andy, who I renamed Viktor! He is now around 10 month old, and gets cuter, and more annoying, every day. But I love him and he's fantastic and I LOVE having my own cat! Viktor is really good for the stress and tension level in this house. He mellow people out a bit. And when I get mad at AR, I can just go cuddle my cat, breathe, and calm down a bit before I kill her. he is crazy playful and full of energy, and he is really a people cat. He loves being where ever you are. I had to bring him to my mom's house for the three days surrounding Christmas since I had to go there too because it snowed so much that I wouldn't have been able to get to work. He and my mom's cat Oliver got along great, the other cat would have been find with him given more time, and the dog loved Viktor, though Viktor wasn't a fan of her. So he's great and I love him and Mandy love's him, AR likes him, though I don't really care what she thinks. Mandy had a dream the other night that someone came to take Viktor away and she was all "NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" and tried to stop them, so I guess she really likes him.

Also, I got a shiny new computer! It's a HP Pavilion 17.3" widescreen with 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard drive. I love it !

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