Monday, February 20, 2012

...Yeah, so it's been a while

I doubt there's anyone still watching my journal, since it's been pretty much vacant for the last year or so. Poor neglected journal, so sad! But that's what happens when your author works 6 days a week and spends more time reading/lurking than figuring out anything interesting to say. I still don't have anything interesting to say, but I thought I'd come out of hibernation and try.

I have been extremely stressed lately, for reasons I won't go into right now; and I think to that end, I need something to occupy myself. I have decided to give myself a photography challenge, and it starts tomorrow. Every day, I have to take at least one photograph (many will probably be from my phone) and I will post it here with a description.

Now, one may inquire as to why I would start this project in the middle of a month. No particular reason really, except it seemed like high time I do something. So tune back in tomorrow for photo #1!

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