Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 7 and 8

Oftentimes I fail at things. I took pics yesterday, but then it got late and I didn't post. Then I spent pretty much all of today cleaning my apartment. I do have both days worth of photos though!

Day 7:
This is Annie, out female GHO (great horned owl). She has been with the zoo for something like 20 years, and is obviously much better behaved than my brand new Charlie. She's been flirting with the wild GHO's a lot lately since it's mating season. This usually consists of extra vocalizing and carrying a mouse around in her beak. It's really cute when she tries to hoot with her mouth full!

Day 8:
Today, my friend, coworker, and ex-roomie Shayna (pictured) took her cat and what belongings she could fit in two large suitcases and moved to Germany for the next year. She decided to take a hiatus from the zoo biz and become an au pair for a family in Oberhinkofen, Germany. I am going to miss her, both as a coworker and a friend. Her current roommate and I took her to the airport this morning at 6:30am to help with bags and see her off. I won't know how her flight was or if she got in okay until she posts something on Facebook. She canceled her US phone service, and it would cost waaaaaaaayy too much to text her Germany phone! I didn't hear of any plane crashes, so I'm assuming the flight was safe at any rate.


  1. Pretty owl. I would like to see her with a mouse in her mouth.

    Sniff, I think Shauna will do fine...I hope.

    1. Shauna? Did something auto-correct that for you? :)

      She got into Germany alright. It costs $1.05 to send a card to Germany BTW; you know, in case that ever comes up in a trivia game.