Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent is a four letter word

Today, I decided to give up something for Lent. This is the first time I've ever done this. I'm not really into giving things up, especially when I like them. And what's the point of giving something up for Lent if you don't like it in the first place? This one is gonna be a doozy too! Are you ready for it?

Are you SURE!?

Well, here it is...



CHOCOLATE! Yes, that's right, I am giving up chocolate for Lent. She of the constant having of chocolate chip cookies, the near daily mocha, the lover of all things chocolate (especially dark), is giving up chocolate for Lent. Really, the largest downside to this plan that I see is that I'm going to have to find a new caffeine delivery system, because I NEED my caffeine! So, I figure that when I walk into Dunn Bro's Coffee in the morning, and the person behind the counter asks me if I would like my usual small skim mocha with whip (yes, they know me there, what of it?), I will have to politely inform them that for some crazy reason, this crazy woman decided to nix chocolate 'till Easter and ask instead for a small chai latte.

This should be an interesting few weeks. I'm going to have to stock up on fruit flavored hard candy, because I need something sweet!

How long is it 'till Easter???

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