Thursday, June 28, 2012

O and P are for:

So I've been crazy busy lately. I have pics for most of my missed letters, but I haven't posted them yet. Well, I am going to remedy that starting today! On this post, I have my O and P contributions.

O is for opossum. To be exact, this is a short tailed opossum. We have two right now, a boy and a girl. This is the girl in a little piece of PVC tubing.
These little kids are my favorite new addition to our department. They have the coolest prehensile tails. The male likes to take the shredded paper we put in there and push pieces of it down into his tail and carry it all around curled up into his tail till he gets to his hut to make a nest. Cutest freaking thing ever!

P is for pigs! Warty pigs, but still pigs!
Don't really have a story for them, they're just cute!

And as always, check out what mom posted in a much more timely fashion than I did!

1 comment:

  1. I love those little opossums, they're way cuter than the "normal"ones.
    I didn't know you had Warty pigs, n your department? They would be a cute addition to a show.