Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 14

I work four days a week at the zoo, and three of those four days I work with my manager, She is the one who collects Charlie the owl for me, and then hands him off to me to man him. Manning is where you just hold a bird on the glove, essentially getting them used to it (in Charlie's case) or just socializing with them so they don't always associate being on the glove with being in front of a bunch of annoying people! On days where my manager isn't there, or we don't get enough time to actually have Charlie out of his mew, I go in and sit with him to socialize him. Generally I sit on the log in his mew and putz around on my phone. I don't actually want to draw a lot of his attention to me, just get him used to sitting calmly with a person in his space.

It's really cute; he'll get all annoyed and fluff up and hiss or beak clack when I first walk in and he doesn't know what I'm going to do, but then when I sit down he calms down pretty quick and his little ear tufts go up. Sometimes he looks at me, but mostly he just does his owl thing and looks out one of the windows. He's the handsomest owl in town!

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