Friday, April 2, 2010

Well this should be interesting

I downloaded Windows Live Writer and that is where I am writing this post.  I guess we’ll see how it works, looks good so far.  Gonna put in a few pics to check out that feature, maybe a link to somewhere. Here goes!

Oh look, it’s an album!  I could have put them in as individual pics, but this looked interesting.  These are from Viktor’s 1st birthday party, which took place in the 13 of March.  My little boy is growing up! I posted about this on my LJ too, that post is here.

Since I don’t have any videos to put in, I think that is gonna be it for my current foray into WLW land.  It’s been cool!


  1. I want new posts!!!!!
    Download Google Chrome, you can make a post and connect it to Facebook.
    Love ya

  2. DUDE KIAT! where is your fallow button? can't find it so sad! :( MISS YOU!!!!